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@Thomas Richard how do I upload my maple working or worksheet here? I do not know how to do it. Can you please guide me. 

@nm yes, <2298, -531, -160, -503, 579> is the correct answer. Can you help me with the second part which is to find M. TIA.

@nm I am not sure, i dont get how it works, I still am trying to learn it. I have pasted the question as it is from the assignment. 


I am sorry I missed the information. This is the whole question.

Suppose that 

u1=<388, -635, -480, 554, -288, 732, -118>

u2=< -987, 789, 487, -919, 248, 994, -807>

u3=-316, -470, -522, -769, -159, 629, 806>

u4=<381, 740, -834, 722, -46, 49, 795>

a) Find the dot product of u1 and u2. Enter your answer in the box below.


b) Suppose that A  is the matrix whose columns are these four vectors in order, i.e.

A=(u1∣u2∣u3∣u4) .


       Let v   be the vector <74,55,-61,-89>. Hence Av   is a linear combination of the form



        Enter the values of λ1, λ2, λ3, λ4 in the boxes below. 

          λ1=       ,  λ2=     , λ3=    , λ4=   .  


Suppose that Av=(b1  b2  ⋯  b7)^T .

       Enter the value of b1  in the box below.




does not work. gives error. What would be the answer?

@Carl Love

step1: assume(c>0)

step2: int(f,x=0..infinity)
step3: ans1:=(2):'ans1'
step4: limit(c*ans1,c=infinity)

But I am getting infinity as the final answer which is wrong. can you point out or make corrections please? My deadline is tomorrow. 


The abs command expects only 2 arguments, its not working with 5 @Carl Love 

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