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How can I introduce an arbitrary 4D metric in GRTENSOR, to calculate various components of corresponding Riemannian Tensor Components.


I'm trying to solve the equation of a form like,

diff(eta(tau), tau, tau)+(8/(4*tau^2+1)-32/(4*tau^2+1)^2)*eta(tau) = 0,

when I'm doing solve DE, I get a solution as:=

eta(tau) = _C1*sqrt(4*tau^2+1)*LegendreP((1/2*I)*sqrt(7)-1/2, I*sqrt(7), (2*I)*tau)+_C2*sqrt(4*tau^2+1)*LegendreQ((1/2*I)*sqrt(7)-1/2, I*sqrt(7), (2*I)*tau

which is combination of Legendre Polynomials with imaginary arguments,May I change this form,

How can I plot this solution on real plane, as this is imaginary,

Is the only option remaining NUMERIC PLOT??

How can I get and install grtensor for MAPLE12 on WIN7 32bit platform,

I tried with http://grtensor.phy.queensu.ca, downloaded grtii6.exe, now how to proceed further???

How can I calculate GR tensors and geodesic equations for adS schwarzschild spacetime.

How can I've shaded region with non-linear inequality, I have some potential function like V(r)=(1-2Me-2lr+q2e-4lr) and I want to shade area between this & x-axis,

when I'm doing it with inequlityplot, it says that inequality should be linear.

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