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As I posted at the top of the Thread( I guess thats how Drupal does it) I solved my problem by obtaining a new copy of my install media. The guess is that it was a corrupt installer. I have been able to install it safely on the machine I'm using now. I would try making a new thread about this since I changed the thread topic to Resolved a few days ago.
I work for a large university and I just went back to the guy who handles the software licences for the school to get the install again. I would contact someone at Maple about getting a new install disc it's probably corrupted. I'm guessing that no Maple rep will be reading this thread since I changed its name to resolved a while ago. Good luck, Rob
I Got ahold of a new installation media and now the installer appears to be working.
The Sun JDK is installed. Since the error contains java error messeges I belived it would be good to post what version of Java I had installed. I cannot get Maple to install period.
Sorry i forgot that bit, WindowsXP SP2 I am installing Maple10 Thank you for your response, Robert Horrox Edit---------------------------------------- I'm using the latest Sun Java JDK(5.0) Update 8
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