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i have an array for example f[i]  that consist of 100 element. i want to plot f[ x(i) ] in terms of x(i). i dont know how i plot in maple. before i print f[x(i)] and x(i) and by copy in excell worksheet i plot in excell. but i want to plot in maple.please help me.





i write a code that solve system of ode. when i ask maple to show my answer its shows following statement:

 sol := dsolve({diff(G(x), x, x)+Le*f(x)*(diff(G(x), x))+(Nt/NB)*diff(T(x), x, x) = 0,diff(f(x), x, x, x)+f(x)*(diff(f(x), x, x))-(2*nn)/(nn+1)*(diff(f(x), x))^2 = 0,diff(T(x), x, x)/Pr+f(x)*(diff(T(x), x))+NB*(diff(T(x), x))*(diff(G(x), x))+Nt*(diff(T(x), x))^2=0,G(0) = 1, G(b) = 0, T(0) = 1, T(b) = 0, f(0) = 0, (D(f))(0) = 1, (D(f))(b) = 0}, numeric);


i have the following function


f[1](x):=_C2 (e)^x-_C1 (e)^(-x)+1/2 x (e)^(-x) h1+1/2 (e)^(-x) h1+_C3

with thease boundary conditions:   f[1](x))=0,diff(f[1](x),x))=1,diff(f[1](x),x),x=infinity)

i want to find cinstants C1,C2,C3 where h1 is arbitrary parametr.

i write the following code but its doesnt work correctly


hi, i have a function in seri's with one unknown parameter and i want to solve it for this boundary condition : f(infinity)=1

I use pade approximation but in my case it doesnt work. i want to know is there exist other  method in maple for this problem. for example other rational function.






i write following code that solve ordinary differential equation. but its not good enough. because when in loop it want to integrate equation it takes too long for many problems. i wants you to help me to solve this problem. i think maybe its better to solve with numerical but i cant. its really important for me and thancks for your help. I bold that section.


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