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Regarding the versions, the Pauli Algebra Package Workbook available in MapleCloud is the latest version.

I was unable to repair the original package, so I deleted it and reuploaded a second copy. I forgot to update this thread about the outcome, forgetting that forums is a typical portal to my work--so I give you my sincerest of apologies.

As for other geometric algebra packages, I am vaguely familiar with them. I tried using one but I had hang ups with e1, e2 and e1e2 being unique elements, I would much prefer e1e2 being defined as e1 and e2 with a non-commutative multiplication operator instead. (Maplesoft, if you're listening, let me use * instead of . please!)

After reviewing the Maple Programming Manual, I realized that much of what I wanted to do with APS (Cl3) can be done with a custom data type, the Paravector. With a little OOP and the work of Dr. W.E. Baylis[1], I could covert common Maple datatypes to a Paravector, use the Pauli Algebra to my heart's content, then convert them back so I can continue using Maple. It's still my favorite package in Maple when teaching highschool physics!


[1] Baylis W.E. (1996) Pauli-Algebra Calculations in MAPLE V. In: Abłamowicz R., Parra J.M., Lounesto P. (eds) Clifford Algebras with Numeric and Symbolic Computations. Birkhäuser, Boston, MA 

I've added some fixes, plus I've thrown in a context menu for the Paravector data type. Enjoy!

For Maple 2019, I want to see a much clearer distinction between Execution Groups, Paragraphs, and Document Blocks in the help files and user interface. As a user revisiting Maple from a long hiatus, I struggled to get detailed information on the Document Block and its relationship to the Paragraph and Execution Group. Once I figured it out, I found the graphical interface to be very cumbersome when converting a series of execution groups and paragaphs to a document block and vice versa. Here are my suggestions in point form

Add new buttons to the toolbar: Insert Paragraph and Insert Execution Group, to help the workflow for worksheet users; Show Command, Toggle Input/Output, and Toggle Inline, to manage Document Blocks without visiting Edit->Document Block too often.

Add Edit->Document Block commands to the context menu for Execution Groups and Paragraphs inside a Document Block.

Add Edit->Document Block commands in the marker region of the document.

Add a Maple portal section dedicated to Execution Groups, Paragraphs, and Document Blocks. This will help users see the intimate connection between Document mode and Worksheet mode.

The latest fixes to the help files have been added. Get it here.

PackageTools:-Install("", overwrite=true);

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