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Hi All, Recently I performed a system restore, then I am unable to use Maple any more. When I ran Maple, I received a topup windown displaying "The license manager file could not be located" and an 'OK'. Reinstall Maple can solve the problem, but anyone has any idea to get it working without re-installation? some info: Operation System: WinXP SP2 Maple: Single user profile with a serial number in installation CD. Maple was installed in local disk D:\ while Windows installed in disk C:\. Only C:\ was set to have System restore function so D is actually not affected during system restore.
Hi, All,

Please see below:

> restart:
> with(DEtools):
> deq := diff(y(x),x,x) = A*exp(y(x)/vt);
> deq2 := diff(y(x),x,x) = A2*exp(y(x));

> #y := unapply(rhs(dsolve(deq,y(x))),x);
> y2 := unapply(rhs(dsolve(deq2,y(x))),x);

If I let two dsolve go, it gives error message for the second. However, commenting one and letting one go will always works perfectly. What's the problem, any bugs inside Maple. I tried in Classic Maple and Maple 10. same problem happend.


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