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These are questions asked by segfault

If I set up

DGsetup([t, r, theta, phi, psi], M1, verbose)

then the frame-name M1 is displayed with every new execution group prompt as "M1 >"

How do I switch off the frame-name to be displayed at the prompt, so I only get ">" ?

It is irritating as heck !

The only way around this is to restart the kernel, then I can add new execution groups without frame-names displayed.


How do I increase the Java Heapsize.

About once a year rarely, I get that maple writes too much output to the worksheet file and then cannot load it again.

In the past I had to hand edit the maple file in emacs to remove output to at least get my source code back.

This is really not practical.

Webwisdom states that the heapsize can be increased by

export JVM_ARGS="-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m"

Dont know why Maple do not have to option to just ignore the results during startup.

Maple22 runs here on a Linux 32-Core server with 256GB memmory.

Question 1) Anyone know how to increase heap size.

Exporting as above dd not work

Question 2) Anyone know how to load a worksheet with all output ignored.

It is the volumous output Maple saves in the file, which it cannot read again which causes the problem.

Files are not corrupt.

Else I have to hand edit the maple output out of the files again like I did before.


For some of the users with eye problems like me, the white canvas is burning eyes out of sockets as the monitor needs to be close up. Even turning down the intensity do not work especially since all other applications on Linux can be configured to have a dark-theme, but NOT Maple it seems.

What is the reason for this resistance from Maple Developers to just ram this white canvas down our throats verion after version.

Users have been asking since about Maple 11 to change  this.

I mean, Maple is not exactly cheap, which would have been an excuse, and is formidable intellectual software, so "ability" should not be a problem

However am I to believe that just changing the canvas color, turns out to be  a serious intellectual challenge for developers ?

Google yields such custom canvas request spanning more than a decade, but users arrive at crickets and a dead end.

Please be kind and give us a customizable canvas or any DARK theme of your choice for users with visual challenges and the lots of normal users who also want a custom canvas color or dark theme. It is overdue.

At the moment I use the cumbersome table-solution with a gray background, which helps some, but it is clunky and no alternative for long term use as the window and bars itself are still white and distracts and defeats the objective somewhat.

In the Physics package.

How do I define arbitrary non-standard coordinates.

All that is available is the standard trivial cartesian, spherical and such coordinate systems.

Setup(Coordinatesystems = cartesian)

See e.g.

Before answering, Please Note,

Do not suggest I use

maple <filename.maple>

The conversion in maple to convert an ".mw" file in xmaple for a text file to be executed with

maple command

does not work and I therefore need a way to execute and operate a ".mw" workksheet straight in terminal without the need for X.

This is a Linux based question.

I have batches of about 50 maple processes that I run in parallel accross several 32-core and 64-core servers.
I am not using the built in spawning process commands, but rather run a new instance of maple.

Some of these batches need to be developed in xmaple it is just not feasable to do it in a text editor to be executed by "maple"


Is there any switches in maple that I can run a ".mw" maple file as a terminal operation without starting the interface ?

e.g. how can I run

xmaple <mystery switches>   such that the interface doesnt load but the file is executed completely in terminal without the need for X.


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