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@Rouben Rostamian  
Maple 9.5 beats 22 hands down in ease of use in most instances where both can perform the same task. In a lot of ways, 22 is a regression.

Regarding Heap switch, thanks for pointing out where you found the clue. This solves a long aggravation I have with Maple not being able to load a file it saved. If a file could display when saved, it should be able to be loaded again, which Is NOT the case with 22 until you find a way to increase the puny 8 bit heap size to something usable like 16 bit.

Thanks a lot. You saved me a lot of headache. I asked Maple years ago why this happens and they had no clue. But somehow you as user know.... It is really telling isn't it. ??

Last Questions.

The switch works great for xmaple22.

Once I increased the Heap size, it could load the file it previously could not.

Took about 3 minutes, but loaded it completely and I could suppress the volumous output that caused the heap overflow.

Question: The heap size you quoted is 16-bit, what is the official  upper heap limit ? 16, 32, 64 bit or something inbetween ?

Question: Do you maybe know if there is a switch or similar option for Maple 9.5 as it would be nice to increase the heap size for that too.

@Rouben Rostamian  

Very helpful thanks.

The Web is full of solutions that dont work fro maple and none listed this simple switch

Regarding second question: Maple should really add an option to load a file without output stored.

The interface did not change any since Maple 9.5 and I still have the same bugs in Maple22 as I had in Maple 9.5.

Not much care is given to the UI w.r.t users by the developers. It is becoming a problem.

Thanks for your kind help

It is appreciated.


Has this ever been resolved ?

Maple22 still outputs all this signum nonsense since about Maple17,  which makes expansions very difficult to simplify.

I moved back to Maple 9 !! and that just works absolutely great. I can manipulate expansions accurately and simplify easily.
Maple22 also takes 30% longer to compute the same document as Maple 9.
I really start to wonder why I bought Maple 22. Net negative experience.


Thank you for your reply.

You know of course that "haven't allocated resources to make that change and instead have focused more on improving Maple performance" is a boiler plate response I have seen used since 2012. Curious that you use it almost verbatim.

Global canvas changes dont work for Java applications under Linux and it is pretty involved to get it somewhat working.

Global canvas settings from the OS is not really a solution as it will negatively influence other applications with dedicated themes with unexpected results and is a lose-lose solution in the end.

The proper way to do it is for applications to have dark themes. Of all the applications I use under Linux it is only Maple that keep ignoring this issue without a dark theme. All others have dark themes.

Cannot use windows as I use Linux Clusters which run a lot of software and are super reliable and have to stick with that.

Been there done that, and I found the hard way that Windows is just not an option for larger scale numerical programming.

But, I appreciate your answer. Seems like I am at a dead end and Maple developers will just ignore people with visual disabilities, even since afaik there seems to be federal laws in place about this, especially regarding recent rulings that includes commercial software products compliance even mentioning visual disabilities. But we wont go there, just hope they come to their senses as it will literally take an hour's worth of programming to create a dark theme, and there really is no excuse. Truly un-understandable why this is ignored by the developers.

I think it is the end of the thread.

Thanks all ofor the kind help.


@Carl Love 25816

Thank you both for the kind answers.

Jupyter-themes seems to only work with the Jupyter interface or did you mean there is a way to use the Jupyter themes  without using Jupyter and that it will somehow act on the Maple Interface ?

I cannot see how any theme on the OS side is going to be able to influence a Java program unless a config file is left outside the Java environment.

Using Jupyter in place of Maple interface will produce a few problems as I have to collaborate with a lot of people. So in that regards it is going to be clunky and cumbersome to use Jupyter instead of Maple interface.

I really need a dark canvas in the Maple interface.

At the moment I am using tables for a dark background but the text colors are a bit challenging to get right and the Format-Styles-2D Input has very limited options.

Maple developers really should just add a dark option. That is trivial programming. I honestly do not understand the resistance from them doing this



I will wait for someone else to answer.


Your answer is absurd.

Please give someone else a chance to answer please.

You dont understand what I ask. I want to supply 4 orthogonal coordinates. Therefore Maple need to be able to accept arbitrary coordinates in order to accept anything specifiied.

So, for anyone else reading this..

I have a custom set of orthogonal coordinates say

/nu /mu /eta /xi  .

How do you enter them in e.g. Setup(Coordinatesystems = cartesian), by replacing cartesian, so that once I enter metric coefficients, I can have all the related tensors calculated by Maple in my coordinate system.

That is all.


You are unecessarily jumping to conclusions and make accusations.

All I ask is what would replace the trivial

Setup(Coordinatesystems = cartesian)

with an arbitrary coordinate system.

That is all. Problem is well defined with an example.

That is the ONLY information I need and there is no reason to publish the cirrcumference of the universe to be able to get an answer.

Rather give someone else a chance to answer please, as I am not interested in your agression.


I would love to post the worksheet, but it is part of an upcoming publication so it would NOT be a good idea.

I hard coded all my work in differential geometry and now wan to check with built in Maple routines.

Strange that there is seemingly no easy way to define your orthogonal set of coordinates, enter metric components and then use the built in Maple Tensor Calculus.

At the moment hard coding for me is way easier coding Christoffel symbols as arrays and such, and other tensors  than to figure out how to make Maple accept arbitrary orthoginal coordinates.

But it would be nice if I could use Maple's internal functions to check my results.

I will see if I can reduce it to something simple as it seems the Maple Physics package is basically geared towards graduate students and not research. I dont understand why they dont make it general.

@Thomas Dean 
Hi Thomas.

Would have been nice, but as I mentioned exporting creates corrupted files which maple cli program cannot read.
It is really no big deal writing a script and I will try the solution suggested by  @Thomas Dean .


@Thomas Dean 

Thank you very much Thomas

It is great info and I will look into it and test it.
It is either what you suggest or I will have to write my own converter.
No big deal to write the converter, but if someone else already wote a fully debugged converter it is great to try that first.

Much appreciated.

Maple converts the mw file into a non readable text file by maple.

Hardly an hours work to fix that.

It throws so many errors after the conversion.

Then after the conversion the text maple file versions needed to be tested again against the original mw worksheet. Some of these worksheets take 15 days to successfully complete. You can easily end up a half a year verifying just one batch !

I dont know where you get your "hour" from.

It is absurd to make such a claim.

The mw worksheets has been verified and tested. Hand editing them is NOT an option.

All I need to know if there is switches that can do

maple  <switches>

yes or no

If yes please post

if no, ok we move on and close the discussion and I will follow a different path.

@Rouben Rostamian  
Thank you very much for the answer Rouben.

Unfortuinately they are batches of approx 30-60 maple worksheets.

It is not practical to hand edit them to text versions.

Too much testing is needed after every conversion, too risky and not paractical as the worksheets are verified to work as is.

I need a conversion program I can test on a few of the files and then verify only those few.

It seems like I will have to write a bash script to do the conversion myself.

Strange that maple cannot do this properly natively.

@tomleslie  said:

"It is one line with two simple commands.

is better than one line with one simple command"

Yes for my purposes and needs in the worksheet it is better.
My preferred choice of commands  is better as I can see what is loaded in the main worksheet, printed as strings from files, before I commit to execute it.

You just want to argue for no reason whatsoever.

I want no part of it.
Problem is solved.

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