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@tomleslie  tha hard way ????
It is one line with two simple commands.
1. Read the file with readbytes

2. Use the parse command to execute the code.

Sheesh !??

BTW the problem is marked as solved.

Way better to use readbytes than readln. Else with readline (same as in pascal) I have to write a loop and then join together the results to get the entire file content.
I also cannot use xmaple, as all processes are started from a bash script and all the files run concurrently on 64 cores. So File-Save is moot. So only cli-maple can be used.

Also, the favorite editor thing is for window$.  On Linux emacs e.g. opens anything you throw at it and does not necessarily care about extensions.

Anyway, thanks for the answer, but it was already answered.

Thanks I'll go read up.

Found that the following works

The manual has been pretty useless to me. Very difficult to find trivial basic stuff.
Forum is way more useful.

Thank you very much for the solution


Thank you.

Refreshing to get a straight  answer to the question and not a lot of pretensious snark.

You sure did understand the question.

I will work through your examples and see if I can apply it to my problem.
Very helpful thanks.

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