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I am so sorry for my misstake badly.
All variables present the probability of something. so that  the range of values must be 0 to 1. 
Could you please give me the solution for the last time? 

Many many thanks for your promote response.
The value of variables has to be range of 0 to 1. I do not get such type of results from your solution method.
Would you please give me information about of entended solutions how i will solve this system equations properly? 

I am looking forward to waiting for your response.


Best regards,
Md. Abubakar Siddik

The program have worked now. The outputs are same. My Maple version is  2018 (Maple2018.2WindowsX64Installer).

Thanks again for your continuous support.


I have created two Excel file (OPTLSres.xlsx and OPTDSres.xlsx) at F drive in my PC and changed the directory in main program (toXL(19.12.2018)). But i have not got result.
Please help me.



Dear Tomleslie,
Thanks for your support. I am new user of Maple. I cannot export the data to a excel file. I have needed the complete program for understanding. 



Many many Thanks

@Preben Alsholm 


@Preben Alsholm

I  have rewrited the system equations and installed the DirectSearch() package of maple in my computer. but i cannot solve the system equations. Every variable must have contain the value between 0 and 1.

Any advice to solve that problem ?


My worksheet





@Preben Alsholm 

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