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@carl dear carl,kindly find ur email

@Carl Love i do not know the answer.. dear carl, i do not know why do we choose locals or rtables....

i m working on my thesis, will send u my whole work once i m done with the defence....can i send u my programming??? i mean  may i have ur email id or skype or something like this?

@Carl Love Dear Carl,i am working on some direct methods of linear algebra, so for this i m programing, i need max value which does not include 0 or any complex number........ i am a self taught student of maple, i do not know any other language, yet i can perform some programming. If i rate myself on a general note, i m at 40% in maple programming....i really appreciate ur interest and time taking out for the help and guidence.


@Carl Love Dear carl, thank u so much for the prompt reply, but if u look at the solution, -4 must be the highest value among -74, -34 and this way it does not take care of the sign with coefficients. wat to do about it and plz if possible can u educate me step wise?i am doing it all at my own, no trainings and no courses from anywhere.......i want to learn so ur guidence is needed. Regards 


@Preben Alsholm yes i hv seen, but the problem is that i do not require just mutiplication or addition of rows,i require:

1)placing the highest coefficient at a11 position, for this i need to find out the maximum entry with in first coloumn

2)then i hv to swap the rozs in order to make the max entry at a11 position, for this i need to know the location of that entry (this is the main thing i m stuck at)

3)dividing the whole row with the max coefficient in order to make a11=1

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