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I have a strange issue:   I have a procedure with signum, square roots, I and float numbers. First I optimize it and then compile.  (or just run compile with option optimize=true).  As a result I get a error:

Error, (in TargetLanguageTools:-GetExprType) Analysis is not a command in the _EnvCGEngine package

Trying to understand, what is happening, I manually copy-paste the optimised procedure to the argument of compile. Then it works!!!

I have a compiled function and want to integrate it numerically.  The integration procedure first tries to evaluate the integrand with symbolic values and return a error, since the compiled function accepts only real values.  So I have to write a STUPID workaround  for manual typechecking:

integrand2 := proc (kF1, kF2, m, k, omega, q) if type(kF1, numeric) and type(q, numeric) and type(kF2, numeric) and type(omega, numeric) and type(m, numeric) and type(k, numeric...

Hello!  I am writing a Grassmann multiplication operator:

define('`&*`', 'multilinear', 'flat', 'identity' = 1)

So that it automatically constructs operators like &*(arg1, arg2,arg3 ...)

Now I want to teach Maple how to transforms &* with ARBITRARY number of arguments.

How to create a pattern for that?  (to be added to "define")

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