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These are questions asked by soloadee

please i want to write the maple programme  for solving y/ =y, y(0)=1, 0≤x1 with h=0.1 using the following three schemes simultaneously:

1. (7/12)yn+1 - yn+1/2 +5/12yn =(h/12)fn+2

2. yn+2 - (4/3)yn+1 +1/3yn =(2h/3)fn+2

3. yn+1 -yn =hfn+1/2

ifplease how can i factorise in powers of (x-xn), the expression  y(t):=(1/3h2)[(-x+xn+h)(-x+xn+3h)]yn+(1/3h2)[(-xn+x)(-x+xn+4h)]yn+1 -(1/3h)[(-xn+x)(-x+xn+3h)]fn+2?

i was trying to familiarize with maple 13 but encountered this. pls how may i go out from here?

> with(Student[NumericalAnalysis]);
> DE1 := d*y(t)/dt = y(t)-t^2+1;
                           d y(t)           2   

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