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Could you post a specific plot example you've generated? There is no particular restriction/relationship wrt. axes ticks and points. for instance, plot( sin(x), x=0..2*Pi, tickmarks=[[0=a,1=b,2=c,3=d,4=e, 5=f,6=g], default]); produces a set of curves, with a custom set of tickmarks. Sultan Saini, Maplesoft.
Assign the result of the implicitplot command to a variable. Then use `op` to extract the details. For example: p := plot(sin(x), x=0..2*Pi): curves := op(1, p); points := op(1, curves); In this case, we get a single line consisting of 50+ vertices. Implicitplot will likely return more line segments of fewer vertices, since it samples along a range, evaluating the implicit function as it goes. Sultan Saini, Maplesoft.
Have you tried the DETools package? It has a very nice DEPlot routine for plotting solutions to ODEs which accepts an arrow option. Alternatively, you might try the plottools package, which has routines for creating arrows from plot primitives. See ?DETools,DEPlot and ?plottools,arrow Sultan Saini, Maplesoft.
That option is not available. It isn't possible to label all the axes of a plot. Sultan Saini, Maplesoft.
There is no facility for plotting in multiple scales (multiple axes) in Maple. The best you can manage is to create something that looks like an axis using the plots and plottools package. Sultan Saini, Maplesoft.
Have you tried this in cmaple (command line maple)? Do you get the same error there? This message can occur when the postscript driver cannot load font metric information contained in the afm folder of your maple installation. Check to make sure the files are in place - they should be in a folder named afm which should be in the root of your Maple installation. If they are not there, you should try re-installing Maple. Sultan Saini, Maplesoft.
The answer to the first part of your question, I'm afraid, is that you can't. Right now the best you can do is to set the legend to be an empty string, but there's no way to actually suppress the legend entry being displayed at all. As for your second question, I'm assuming that you mean you have embedded a text box into the worksheet/document to workaround the legend issue above. I would recommend that you use a Table instead, consisting of say, one row and two columns. Put your plot in one cell and your customized legend can go in the other. The embedded Text Component does not support any formatting at all, whereas a table cell is like any other part of the worksheet and its text can be formatted using the text format toolbar at the top of the worksheet. The issue of suppressing legends for particular plot components has come up before, and we are considering ways of addressing the problem.
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