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Dear @Kitonum,

I veru much thankful to  you for your valuable inputs in the above code. its works fine for me.

Based on the above inputs I am trying to attempt one research problem. please find the attached files including base paper and problem file which i wish to solve. I attempted momentum eqn (eqn 9 in problem figure). 

I dont have any errors in the code but have few issues.

In maple code in eqn 6 (f1 to f6 ) has 1/P^3.. terms are involed, that is denominator with 'p' powers.

for m from 0 to 5 do

f[m+1] := unapply(simplify(int(int(int(R[m](x), x), x), x)), x):

end do;

As I am integrating with respect to x, why we are getting p powers in the denominator. (Is it possible to implement with out using unapply command-Initially I wrote without using unapply, you added unapply.)

I also wish to bring to ur notice that fig profiles in the code are not satisfying the boundary conditions. I humbly request you that please fix the bugs which produce figure profile as shown in the basepaper. I wrote only for momentum, how to implement for both eqations (equation 9 and 10 subject to 11-see problem.pdf).

please help me sir, As this is my research problem. If you could help, I will be greatful to you. 

looking forward your kind response.

Thank you in advance




Dear Sir,

Plese find the attached file and help in clearing the error.

Thank you in 


Thank you for your help. now code is running with small changes,

In my file k taking 5.2 onwards for the second for loop, but the way you handled if else is excellent. In else case you used (D@@2)b[k](0) but in my paper bc, no second derivative then I changed bc as per paper in else case after that it is working fine now.

 Doubt 1: I am able to draw the graph and extract the numerical data in maple console, but suggest me the coomand to export numerical data obtained with

for x from 0 by .2 to 5 do

NM1 := subs[eval](p = 1, F(x));

end do;

my numerical data is in some variable say NM1, how to bring this into excell sheet or otherwise text file, suggest me a command.

Doubt 2: How to enter run time values (Dynamic binding-for instance evaluation G(x) at Pr=0.71, 1, 2, 3).

Thank you so much once again.

Dear @MapleMathMatt 

I am trying to solv the equations in pdf file. u gave me solution for momentum equation. I tried for both equations. but few errors it has. please help to fix those bugs.

I was not familiar with maple but I tried to understand your code and tried for energy equation as well. 

I want the code which can produce the graphs and numerical data as i tried in my code.

Please look into the code and do the needful sir/madam.

@MapleMathMatt Sir can I have your mail Id so that I would like to send .mw file for the discussion of my doubts.

my mail id,

@MapleMathMatt   HOW TO IMPLEMENT PLOT FUNCTION FOR f(x) and diff(f(x),x)

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