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Using Maple 9, this "Print" menu prints documents with font size compatible with 72 (standard units of office, for example). Sometimes, I am forced to convert my worksheet into HTML before printing. I do know it's not a problem with my printer (other people here, in the university, have the same problem).

So, what I mean is: before clicking "Print" in this "Print Menu", be sure that the number of pages is compatible with your document size (and not 999 pages... ).

Becca, no, it is not. It seems to me that the best for you should be a new algorithm, but I will take a look on your .mw files (didn't yet). I just commented about something I do not understand.

Hope you can fix this out.

I personally cannot understand perfectly these issues and limitations. Something like a swap of used memory in the computer couldn't fix this kind of problems?

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