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Hi everyone! I posted the "multiple plot" question yesterday, unfortunately not worded all that clearly. But much thanks to the people who replied. Here is a better worded question, hopefully: Suppose I have created a series of plots {p[1], ..., p[n]}, how do I display them all on the same figure, EASILY! Suppose n = 100, it would be a chore to have to type out: with(plots): display(p[1],...,p[100]); Is there an easy way to display the n-plots? Perhaps something like display({p[i],i = 1..n}); ?? I did try this command, but it didn't work. I also tried p := array(1..n):
Hi everyone! I could display two plots named p[1], p[2] by with(plots): p[1] := ...: p[2] := ...: display(p[1],p[2]); How do I display n-plots name p[1], p[2], ..., p[n]? Thanks for your help! -Dan
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