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@acer At the moment I already do it. I did not think that it was difficult for knowledgeable people to help with simple tasks. I'm sorry. I will not get you any more stupid questions.
Thanks to all those who helped! At least I found out something.
PS How easy is it to get rid of the noob ..

@Carl Love Construct a vector field defined by the equation (x ^ 2 + y ^ 2) y '= −4x in the domain x ∈ (−3.3), y ∈ (−3.3).

@Carl Love  Thank you, understood

@Carl Love This was a mistake. Thanks

@rlopez Thank you! I will study.

Thank you for help!

Thanks for help!

@Ronan work. Thanks!

@Carl Love All right, thank you for your help.

I just do not understand how to solve this in the maple. In theory, the answer should be 1.

@Kitonum This is not a derivative.

@nm Thanks!

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you!

@Rouben Rostamian  You have a very cool and difficult program for me. Is it somehow easier to do this?

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