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The equation 

solve(surd(-2*x+4,3)+surd(x+2,3)+surd(x -6> ,3)=0);

has three different integer solutions.

I want to choose the integer number a, b, c, d, e, f to the equation 

(a*x + b)^(1/3) + (c*x + d)^(1/3) + (e*x + f)^(1/3) =0 

has three different integer solutions.

I tried



for a from -10 to -1  do

Iexported as LaTex and get the following file. When I use TeXmaker run, the pdffile not full out put the result. It can not break page. I asked this questionat get the ansewr. Is the maple2e.sty too old? \documentclass{article}\usepackage{maple2e} \def\emptyline{\vspace{12pt}}\DefineParaStyle{MapleOutput}\DefineParaStyle{Maple Output}\DefineCharStyle{2DMath}\DefineCharStyle{2DOutput}\begin{document}\pa...

How to choose the integer parameters a, b, c, d, m to the following equation has two integer solutions?

sqrt(a* x + b) +  sqrt(c*x + d) = m. 

For example, the equation sqrt(x +5 ) + sqrt(8-x)=5 has two solution x = -1 and x = 4 

Let x, y, z be three nonnegative numbers and x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 5. Find the minimum value of the expression

A = 1/2*x^2*y^2 + y^2*z^2 + z^2 *x^2 + 96/(x + y + z + 1).

How to find the minimum value of the expression?

In geometry (2D), the triangle ABC has centroid is G(1, 1) and orthocenter is H(1,1). How to find the vertices A, B, C with the coordinates of this vertices are integers number?

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