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simplify(x-x) assuming x>0;

and a number of cognate commands crash the kernel in 11.02 under Windows XP.

Is this a known issue?



Can anyone explain the following (in Maple 11):


 returns   [2.2]



 returns [2.2222]

My reading of the help page is that if [2.2222]  is not of type set (which it isn't) then maptype should return evalf([2.2222]);   It would seem that in this context, evalf is acting as evalf[2] independent of the prevailing Digits.

I occasionally use e.g. expr := 1+a^2; eval( expr, 2=-1 ); to convert expr to 1+1/a. I realised recently that this can be dangerous: expr2 := 1+x+3*y; eval(expr2, 1=2); produces (rather suprisingly) 4+2x+3y. Investigating, pulling apart expr2 with op reveals the structure as being a sum of 3 terms, the last being a product. "ToInert" shows essentially the same. "dismantle" however shows expr 2 as being a single sum of the form 1.1 + 1.x + 3.y. So it is essentially the dismantle version that eval searches and replaces all the 1's by 2's. My question is whether there is some good reason for this. It would seem to me (without knowing much about the theory of computer algebra) that eval (and subs) should work on the operands as revealed by op or ToInert. Certainly it would lead to more logical results in cases like my example.
The following returns 0, which seems less than ideal to me: assume(m::integer,n::integer); int( cos(m*x) * cos(n*x) , x = 0..2*Pi ); Is this intentional or unavoidable - or is it something that could usefully be improved? Toby
We seem not to be able to run Maple 10 properly on our Uni network. The problem is that users can not save preferences or use the Compiler. It seems the problem is due to poor programming practice by Maplesoft, although the issue is obscure and I am prepared to be convinced that the problem is our Computing Service's implementation of it. The problem is (I believe) this. Our system is as follows (under XP Pro): All users and PC's live in our Active Directory and all software is applied via group policy. Users have roaming profiles (which are not backed-up!) and their 'Start menu' and 'Desktop' are redirected to a 'read-only' server location
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