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The DFT windowing functions in the SignalProcessing package seem to be inconsistent in the type of data they will accept, and the type they return.

BartlettHannWindow,  BlackmanHarrisWindow, BlackmanNuttallWindow,   BohmanWindow, CauchyWindow, CosineWindow, ExponentialWindow, FlatTopWindow,  GaussianWindow, HannPoissonWindow, ParzenWindow, PoissonWindow,  RectangleWindow, ReiszWindow, RiemannWindow, TaperedCosineWindow, TriangleWindow, TukeyWindow

accept Arrays, containing almost any data type (haven't tried them all!) as input. and always return a Vector[row].


BartlettWindow, BlackmanWindow, HammingWindow, HannWindow, KaiserWindow

require that the option datatype=float[8] be set in the Array() constructor, which is used as input and always return an hfarray.

Thus, for example

sig:= Array( -50..50,
BartlettHannWindow(sig); # this works
BartlettWindow(sig);# this fails with datatype unsupported error

Very confusing!!!!

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