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These are questions asked by torabi

I can  this equation.

restart; c__v := 1.2; `τ__q` := 8.5*10^(-12); `τ__T` := 90.0*10^(-12); rho := 1000; k := 10







k*(diff(T(x, t), x, x))+k*`τ__T`*(diff(T(x, t), t, x, x)) = rho*c__v*(diff(T(x, t), t))+(diff(T(x, t), t, t))*c__v*rho*`τ__q`+(1/2)*c__v*rho*`τ__q`^2*(diff(T(x, t), t, t, t))

10*(diff(diff(T(x, t), x), x))+0.9000000000e-9*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, t), t), x), x)) = 1200.0*(diff(T(x, t), t))+0.1020000000e-7*(diff(diff(T(x, t), t), t))+0.4335000000e-19*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, t), t), t), t))


Boundary condition:

T(0, t) = 300; T(10, t) = 300




T(x, 0) = 300; (D[1](T))(x, 0) = 0, (D[2](T))(x, 0) = 0

(D[1](T))(x, 0) = 0, (D[2](T))(x, 0) = 0







How I can take Laplace Transform from equation.



How I can determine a function that satisfy these boundary and initial conditions.

Thank you


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How I can take variation from left-hand side of  5, and reach to right-hand side of  5. After by using integral by part obtained  7?

Thank you

How  I can use from equations 1-6 and repleacing them into equation 7 to remove qx,qy,qz?

Thank you

A := q__x(x, y, z, t)+`τ__q`*(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t))+(1/2)*`τ__q`^2*(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t, t)) = -k*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), x))-k*`τ__T`*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), x, t))-(1/2)*k*`τ__T`^2*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), x, t, t))

q__x(x, y, z, t)+tau__q*(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t))+(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t), t)) = -k*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), x))-k*tau__T*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), x))-(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), x))


A__x := diff(A, x)

diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), x)+tau__q*(diff(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t), x))+(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t), t), x)) = -k*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), x), x))-k*tau__T*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), x), x))-(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), x), x))



B := q__y(x, y, z, t)+`τ__q`*(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t))+(1/2)*`τ__q`^2*(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t, t)) = -k*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), y))-k*`τ__T`*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), y, t))-(1/2)*k*`τ__T`^2*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), y, t, t))

q__y(x, y, z, t)+tau__q*(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t))+(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t), t)) = -k*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), y))-k*tau__T*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), y))-(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), y))


B__y := diff(B, y)

diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), y)+tau__q*(diff(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t), y))+(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t), t), y)) = -k*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), y), y))-k*tau__T*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), y), y))-(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), y), y))



C := q__z(x, y, z, t)+`τ__q`*(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t))+(1/2)*`τ__q`^2*(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t, t)) = -k*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), z))-k*`τ__T`*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), z, t))-(1/2)*k*`τ__T`^2*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), z, t, t))

q__z(x, y, z, t)+tau__q*(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t))+(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t), t)) = -k*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), z))-k*tau__T*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), z))-(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), z))


C__z := diff(C, z)

diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), z)+tau__q*(diff(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t), z))+(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t), t), z)) = -k*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), z), z))-k*tau__T*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), z), z))-(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), z), z))



expand(simplify(-A__x-B__y-C__z+Q = rho*c__p*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t))))

(-(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), x))-tau__q*(diff(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t), x))-(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(diff(q__x(x, y, z, t), t), t), x))-(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), y))-tau__q*(diff(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t), y))-(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(diff(q__y(x, y, z, t), t), t), y))-(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), z))-tau__q*(diff(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t), z))-(1/2)*tau__q^2*(diff(diff(diff(q__z(x, y, z, t), t), t), z))+Q = k*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), x), x))+k*tau__T*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), x), x))+(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), x), x))+k*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), y), y))+k*tau__T*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), y), y))+(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), y), y))+k*(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), z), z))+k*tau__T*(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), z), z))+(1/2)*k*tau__T^2*(diff(diff(diff(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t), t), z), z))+Q) = rho*c__p*(diff(T(x, y, z, t), t))







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