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Folks: I am developing an instructional material where one part I have to demonstrate the use of the sine law. While I have completed the material there is one aspect in my maplet code that I have to demonstrate how the given parts of a triangle such as side b=10, angle A=60, and angle C=75 are substituted into the sine law such a:=b*sin(A)/sin(C). However, my maplet code evaluates the expression a. I do not want maplet to evaluate the expression. I wanted my maplet code just to show the subsitution such a = 10 sin(60)/sin(75). This is the desired outcome. I tried doing this in maple: b:='10'; A:='60'; C:='75'; a:=b*sin(A)/sin(C); Maple gave me this: a = 10 sin(60)/sin(75). I wanted to replicate this maple code into maplet to produce the desired outcome. I have spent hours and hours to create the desired outcome in maplet but to no avail. Can someone at least give me a hint.
Folks: I have a maple code that appears to work but when translated to maplet I was not successful. b:='10'; A:='60'; C:='75'; a:=b*sin(A)/sin(C); Desired outcome in maplet is: a = 10 sin(60)/sin(75). I have spent hours and hours to create the desired outcome but to no avail. Can someone at least give me a hint. Thank you PV
To any maplet expert: The following maple code works and want to upgrade it using Maplet[Element](action(function=)) p1:=plot([[0,0],[15,0],[24.50,9.69],[0,0]],filled=true); t1:=textplot([0,0,"Angle A"],align=BELOW); t2:=textplot([15,0,"Angle C"],align=BELOW); t3:=textplot([24.50,9.69,"Angle B"],align=ABOVE); display({p1,t1,t2,t3}); However, I am having difficulty translating the above maple code into maplet using maplet[element](function=__). Or is this even possible? Thank you for what ever assistance you may provide. pv
To my fellow maple user: I wanted to label critical point/s in plotted curve. For example: plot y=x^2 + 5. P(0,5)is the vertex. I like to label this point as "Vertex" on the plot itself. Thanks in advance for any assistance. pv
To anyone: Please provide the syntax on how to substitute without maple evaluating the expression. For example if I have an expression x^2+2x+5. I want to substitute to the expression x=2. I want simply to see 2^2+2*2+5 without Maple evaluating the result preferably in maplet form. Thanks PV
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