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@Joe Riel 


one change Say give set S={0,1,2} now i say set size to repeat is m=4

now i can get all possible sets of size 4 with repetation




like that all

so it depends on S and m now

@Carl Love Kind help with it changed to integer array instead of character .

one change Say give set S={0,1,2} now i say set size to repeat is m=4

now i can get all possible sets of size 4 with repetation



like that all

so it depends on S and m now

@Carl Love help me remove the post further and delete the same

@Carl Love Respected sir,

With your kind help can I get a program only for hypercube graphs. 

Kind help I am really sorry for any disturbance caused. 


I apologize kind help


I thank you for your great help

Kind help with a modification of the above code so that it will give only the longest path's length only if I dont want the path itself kind help so that the program takes lesser time to just find longest path's length between two vertices.

Need just the longthest path length only say.
Suppose I input the Graph as

G:= Graph(AdjacenMatrix(HyperCubeGraph(4)))


G:= Graph(AdjacenMatrix(HyperCubeGraph(5)))

I have no weights for the edges here all edges are have weight one only.

I apologize for taking your time in your busy schedule
I apologize for the disturbance.

@Carl Love Please answer was satisfactory and great of your help sir

@Carl Love Graph H

  Graph G


I want to display G cartesian H in legacy form and this time I want the relabel the vertices as (1,1) not 1:1 etc that 

(a,b) not a:b as it comes 

and i want the bipartite result to be as much neat as possible as the vertices to be neatly visible i know edges a too much 

only the vertices should be in neat like (a,b) not a:b

kind help if anyone 

I apologize for the inconvience caused





But if I give legacy in DrawGraph

It changes the way picture is displayed it is not straight like above 

I want those blue edges for all and yellow filled vertices

And rectangle shaped vertices too


@Kitonum I am working with 2020 I need like combination like 50 say and "it can even more scale" and I based on my laptop configuration being a lower middle class man I can't afford to extend my RAM too it also depends on mother's board configuration etc

And see program it more of all not sequential

@acer Thank you very much  I am also trying for a similar one for combination will tell hope can get help if i cannot by chance

@dharr but their is a issue their then data is big it will give stack overflow permute stores everthing and then return that is what i dont want

@nm I am trying to enumerate the permutations but dont want the in built in function as i want to check the properties of the permutation at each if i get a property i stop. 

so i dont want the entire permuation in a variable in memory i want simple exract only one at a time. and keep droping them after use.


i want i try in above code

Input is an array one dimension or a list say and ouput is permute each one time as u get one drop it the permuation should not be stored in memory as a bunch



From those i need to pick 100 at a time. i need to do without built in command permutation and combination.

permution of 20 elements and combination same some. i will stop when my desired condition is k

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