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@acer i have scattered other points on 3d plot and the same regression plane as it is

To tell the meaning of the points

I need to place the a legend type for neat on the side of the chart not at the top or bottom 

@acer Thank you for your great help. I would like to acknowledge for the.

How can i put legend or in the sense caption to the right or left side by the chart

@acer Their no legend option in 3D i feel

I saw your typesetting but i am doing mistakes


Kind help to get a correct way to get a legend for the red solidspheres at the to as a to the left of the chart.


I saw some post but i got errors.


Kind help

@acer I want to tell what data is in the legend what that box means in word



@acer A legend for the points in 3D


How to get plots points filled rectangular box in red in the 2D plot.

and lengend for points their too


kind help

@acer How to change axis size so that chart looks more clear

Data below tried


pts:= Matrix( [ [ 0.0505050505050505, 0.0833333333333333,    1.62 ],
                [ 0.0404858299595142, 0.0714285714285714,    1.2  ],
                [ 0.0384615384615385,   0.0625,    1.25 ],
                [ 0.0284900284900285, 0.05,    0.84 ],
                [ 0.0264550264550265, 0.0480076812289966, 0.74 ],
                [ 0.0925925925925926, 0.111111111111111,     3.98 ],
                [ 0.062111801242236, 0.0833333333333333,    2.46 ],
                [ 0.0261096605744125, 0.0555555555555556,    0.52 ],
                [ 0.0408163265306122, 0.0625,    1.42 ],
                [ 0.0632911392405063, 0.0909090909090909,    2.35 ],
                [ 0.0354609929078014, 0.0561797752808989,  1.19 ],
                [ 0.0176056338028169, 0.037037037037037,    0.37 ],
                [ 0.0341296928327645, 0.0588235294117647,    1.34 ],
                [ 0.0341296928327645, 0.0552486187845304,  1.12],

F3d:=Statistics:-LinearFit(a*x+b*y, pts, [x,y]);
         F3d := 71.8708813796265 x - 23.6550204008207 y

  labels=[x,y,""], lightmodel=none, axes=box);



@acer kind help with a regression plane for the data

@acer in my data as you see in above x and y doesn't take sequencial vslues

@tomleslie supposs i want X and Y as on axis and plot a 2D for

f(x, y) =72.7x-24.5y  say


How to plot x vs y


With f(x, y)


2D plot

@acer I have maple 2020 to you size

@tomleslie How to change the scale of the plot

So that plot looks bigger

@vs140580 I copied the file itself to download folder for now it worked


My download folder path is 


can you help me correct the file command

@Joe Riel is it possible for download directory not to have write permission even though i can download files into it


How to make a directory to get write permissions kind help

Great answer excellent 

@Carl Love no I changed the phyton output to string as my input will not be accepted directly by maple 

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