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Hi! when i'm trying to solve, i get the following warning: Warning, solutions may have been lost.

The equations i'm trying to solve are as the following:


> D=0.19;

> eqns:={y^1.5-9/8*B^0.5*y+3/4*x*y^0.5-3/4*(Pi/3)^0.5*[1+(1+3/4*(Pi/3)*(B*(1+x^2))^0.5)*x^2]/(1+x^2)^0.5=0, Pi/2-3*D=8/3*y^3+x*y^2+4*B^0.5*[1/3*B*y^1.5-2/45*B^2.5-3/2*y^2.5]-9/2*B*(1/3*B*y-3/40*B^2-3/4*y^2)-3*x*B^0.5*[1/3*B*y^0.5-1/7*B^1.5-1/2*y^1.5],B=A/(1+x^2)};

> vars:={x,y,B};

> solve(eqns,vars);

Warning, solutions may have been lost

What am i doing wrong?

Many thanks!

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