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I've read them and the solutions there doesn't work.

After struggling a bit around with maple sh and java I found the error (and a solution):

The error is that the cupsclient message is localised and java is not able to parse a e.g. german text to get the correct informations.


So starting maple (or any other java app) with LANG=C it works.  This was the solution for issue 1.


The second issue is that the newer cups packages doesn't export by default the ip, but the socket. After fixing that by this var:


it works. Please note that you could also try to create a client.conf with ServerName localhost in it.. this should also work.


the fix suggested somewhere (forget where) to create a link from to doesn't work for me and is not necessary to fix maple.


Hope this informations will help other people to fix their maple (java) installation on linux!



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