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hi everyone,

how do I tell maple that an undefined constant e.g. K is positive and real, so that the command abs(K) results in K and not |K|?

Is there a general way of applying rules and bounds on constants without defining them directly?


Hi everyone,

is it possible to change the default font size for new documents and even the maple output (blue expressions) so that every thing is smaller by default? I coulnd't find an option to apply globally.





I am trying to construct a vector field based on a large expression. Although I put cos(phi) at the end of the expression, written in 2-D Math, the expression gets automatically simplified to cos phi, without parentheses. That causes the command VectorField not to understand the end of the expression and fail building the vector field.

If instead I define the expression in 1-D math, it works perfectly. Like this:


I am relatively new to MAPLE. I have a large fraction (actually a Bessel differential equation) which I like to break into single terms, i.e. to cancel the denominator with single summands.

"(diff(g(r),r)*f(phi)*r+r^2*diff(diff(g(r),r),r)*f(phi)+g(r)*diff(diff(f(phi),phi),phi)+h^2*g(r)*f(phi)*r^2)/g(r)/f(phi) = 0"

I tried full partial fraction, but it doesn't accept "g(r)*f(phi)" as variable.

any ideas?

all the best.

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