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@Carl Love 

thanks a lot!

@Carl Love 

Great, thanks!


I exctended the function for use with vectors (cancel in every element of the vector).

Just in case someone needs it:


p.s. how can one copy and paste formatted input from Maple? If I just copy and paste it here, I get a picture, if I paste as text in a normal editor, the indentation is lost.


I just found out, that the function fails in situations like that one:

It sees the 3.2 and does not change anything. Writeing a function that handles all the possible will not be easy and somehow not so elegant. I wonder why that is not an inherent function of Maple, since that's a kind of normalization


@Carl Love 

yep, that one works!

Thank you verry much!


Could you explain the problem that occured?

Maybe that was a copy paste error because of the apostrophe, since I have a German browser...


that's strange! A restart did not help. What version do you use? I use Maple 2015.0

@Carl Love 


I just tried it:

Cancel10s:= (E::algebraic)->



A := 1.330169822*10^11/(6.552475529*10^9*a+7.554142204*10^9*b)




Something seems to be wrong here.



@Preben Alsholm 

That works, but only for this special case...

Got it:



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