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I have the same question like kblanchard

I want to plot the figure like this

and I made it by using the piecewise.

but how to make different style (such as one is red and the other is blue)

for the two functions of the piecewise function?

think you ahead

think you very much for your answers.

I think it's not the problem of the generation of a half-sin, but is the problem

of a custom component. Because MapleSim 4 still froze

at the step named 'CreateDataRecord: using dsolve method=rosenbrock_dae'.

even if I used the native function

to generate the half-sin pulse.The error must occor if a custom component is inculded

in my .msim file.


You can check the file below which can not be simulated in my Maplesim4, too.



think you very much Tim.

I purchased maple14 and maplesim4 recently

and this error disappeared

it is amazing

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