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I want to compute a formula which is too complicated and it contains some variables. So I divide it into several parts. But it always turns out kernel connection has been lost. I looked maplesoft online help system and change the ConnectionType from 0 to 2. But it does not work. So how does this happen and how to solve?

I attach my maple file which appears error.
Thanks a lot!




I am doing calculation with binomial numbers with some parameters. Usually the result is correct, but this time a strange notation "table" appears. I do not know how does this happen?

Thank you!



Hi,I want to compute some expressions as binomial(d-2,r)*binomial(v-d-1,r-1) and something like that. In the process, there are many such expressions but with differernt parameters. Some of them can pass successfully, but some of them will generate a mistake. That is: Error, (in gcd/LinZip) variable in input expression must be in either the evaluate or retained variables.Could you please what happened to it? Thanks.

If I have the parameters-(v,k,lambda) of a combinatorical design, I wonder whether I can get the incidence matrix of the design or not with maple.

Remark:v is the number points of the design; k is the number of points on each line; lambda is the number of points common on every two lines.




I have a matrix of order 14 with whose entries being variables about u_1 to u_12. I want to get its determinant, but it return no results. It explains that it is too big for maple to deal with. So I wonder how to deal with such kind of this problem?

Thank you very much for kind attention!

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