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@pchin ..  I believe Suppress(all) should be an option in Maple.  If you have a number of variables dependent on t for example it would tend to make equations appear harder to read.  Most authors stick to one style.  If one were say developing a worksheet based on a textbook, Classical dynamics by Thornton and Marion comes to mind.  That book uses the Suppressed version of diff(x(t),t).

Although it may only be a few variables it's better than having to define them individually.


@J F Ogilvie .. I'd like to point out to you that while the Physics project is led by Dr. Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, his main interest (of course) being quantum field theory and general relativity, it should be of no surprise to you these are the strengths of the physics package.  Your comments towards the project offer some areas to improve and could be constructive but I also find your comment a little disrespectful. 

I commend you for advocating to make improvements to Maple, but the work done in general relativity and quantum physics is most definitly NOT an irrelevant distraction. 

I tried with 2016.1 windows 7 x64 .. no problems.   Your case is a specific one.

I would suggest re-installing your software using the English version first.  I guarantee it is some setting or perhaps a some display issue - just for fun, is your display driver up to date?  Passing that do a re-install.

@John Fredsted .. "Perhaps Maple 2018 will make it possible to run a worksheet in a quantum superposition!?" lol   I enjoyed that query of yours.   ... and that observation will collapse it's wave function :)

@Lenin Araujo Castillo .. appreciate your work.  I have posted your worksheet in english as well

Of course, unapply - apply.  The instructions on the apply help page were a bit vague, although I didn't read the page to decipher it that little example you gave above clears it right up. 

@DSkoog , Thanks,  I know of the rtablesize, but I didn't know that the structure had to be converted from it's original structure form to view other columns.  The GetHeaders I think will work for my purposes.

@vv thanks. 

So if a solution can eventually be found shouldn't Maple exhaust all methods behind the scenes to give a solution?  That is probably the holy grail coding of any CAS system

@Kitonum thanks for a solution

@acer I see.  I didn't come across anything about him mentioning that the fails didn't mean the CAS couldn't actually solve the problem.  I falsely undertook his findings as hard and true (probably in most cases other people as well). 

I think it basically boils down to not being able to do this



What is g?

Firstly g should be the full pathname of the file location.  Otherwise the filename `g` may not be in the homedir for maple.  Alternatively the file that g is may be in a place where Windows doesn't allow modification to it's files.  Did you upgrade windows recently?

I tried with subs which partially worked.  But as soon as I invoked the sort command the order jumbled out of order, until I used the restart command which makes my idea somewhat useless.


@Axel Vogt indeed, a one function approximation is probably enough, but as you say it looks more like 2 or even 3 functions.  I wonder if the op could let us in on what the values are supposed to represent.

On top of a wave increasing in amplitude it does appear the there is some underlying fluctuating superimposed wave.

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