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@Markiyan Hirnyk your evaluation

restart; Digits := 15; to 12 do evalf(add(sin(k), k = 1 .. 10000)); gc() end do;
12 times 1.63389102179226

On my system Maple 2016.1

restart; Digits := 15; to 12 do evalf(add(sin(k), k = 1 .. 10000)); gc() end do;
12 times  1.63389102179247                     

Changing the location of gc() we get yet another different result.

restart; Digits := 15; to 12 do gc(): evalf(add(sin(k), k = 1 .. 10000)) end do;
12 times  1.63389102179238

forcing a scalar decimal, we get yet still a different value

restart; Digits := 15; to 12 do gc(); evalf(add(sin(k*1.), k = 1 .. 10000)) end do;
12 times  1.63389102179250

So we've calculated the same thing 3 different ways with 3 different results.

Yet again by accident doing two garbage collections we get varying values

restart; Digits := 15; to 12 do gc(); evalf(add(sin(k), k = 1 .. 10000)); gc() end do;

I guess in this case two garbage collections cancel each other out. 

I recall mention of garbage collection not required in newer versions of maple.  In the help gc() is discouraged to be used as of Maple 16. 



However executing this statement gives different results every once in a while

evalf(add(sin(k), k = 1 .. 10000)); gc()

Executing your commands we get

restart; Digits := 10; to 12 do evalf(add(sin(k), k = 1 .. 10000)); gc() end do;

Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2016.1, Windows 7, April 22

   2016 Build ID 1133417


It seems to be only the last 3 digits that change.  In the Standard interface it changes once in a while, but when I run a loop, the numbers are all the same except that is pauses as it displays the 10 they are all the same.  It's only when I execute it singly do I get changes, but they only happen on the last three digits no matter how many digits I choose, it's always only the last 3..

evalf(add(sin(k), k = 1 .. 10000), 25);


@DSkoog Yes I was thinking of something more than just coordinates. 

Thanks for the hover action idea.  That should work for my purposes.

These wishlists are a good thing as Maplesoft looks at them seriously, a few suggestions from these wishlists have come to light.  I'd like to see more activity in future wishlists and I look forward to seeing what additional changes have been added to the newest maple.  The audio tools department has been greatly improved, it could be improved further with mp3 format support. 


@tomleslie thanks

@tomleslie I missed that, no need to be harsh.  Thanks for the replies I appreciate it.

@tomleslie the idea was for any stringed information to be grouped together and numerical information as a separate column.  But more importantly was the amount of spacing between the separations that determined a column ie any singly spaced information would be grouped into one column and any more than 1 would be grouped into another

It seems there is no differentiation, using ImportMatrix, whether there is 1 or 2 or 8 spaces.  Using delimiter=" ".  However using delimiter="     " with 5 spaces throws Maple an error, or any number of spaces other than 1 for that matter. 

Although ImportMatrix with different spacing won't work using the spacebar, as long as the data is tabbed which signifies a control character, delimter="\t" can be used to identify the tabs. 

@Rouben Rostamian  re:space violation, I didn't even realize this.  I'll have to check the file I used or if I just copied it wrong, in which case the ImportMatrix delimiter option should then work.

Thanks tomleslie and Rouben Rostamian for your inputs. 

I should have specified a board, I didn't realize there were so many different ones.  Specifically lets use a classic one my daughter and grandparents were playing on.


Fairly simple to observe how many moves it would take, with one die I found at least 3 ways to finish in 7 moves.  And with two die I've found 3 ways to finish in 5 moves.  With 3 dice one way 3 moves. 

@fereydoon_shekofte Do you prefer stack exchange over mapleprimes?  Why wouldn't you just come here?

A quick thought, no time to think right now - The number of characters in the book should be ones that speak and so after the quotes we could search for the key words (asked, said, cried, yelled, shouted, answered, roared, replied etc.. ) and capture the names following such key words into a set.

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