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Is it possible to have an information box pop out when cursor is hovered over a plotted point?

What's the best way to read data from a text file where say there are 3 columns separated by say 5 spaces.  However the first column is a column of names, just as a simple example

green beans     50     12
potatoes     20     15
red peppers     10  10
tomatoes     5     5

readdata takes each space as a column separator.


How do I work it so that I keep the name identifiers in one column?


Using ImportMatrix I keep getting error
ImportMatrix("c:/beantest.txt",delimiter="     ")
                              Error, (in ImportMatrix) cannot interpret file

Find the least number of moves and how many different ways that is achieved to win snakes and ladders with 1 die, with 2 dice, and how about 3 dice.  How to realize this with Maple?


Using plottools[line], the option for coords does not work.  It remains in cartesian coordinates regardless of the coords specification.

So here's a problem.  We have two of the same commands that operate differently in and outside the plots package. 

changecoords([x, y, z], [x, y, z], spherical, [r, theta, phi])
                        [r*sin(phi)*cos(theta), r*sin(phi)*sin(theta), r*cos(phi)]
changecoords([x, y, z], [x, y, z], spherical, [r, theta, phi])
Error, (in plots/changecoords) changecoords does not accept plot options or other additional arguments

How can we get around that problem?

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