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You must have got 2017.1 also. I got it now as well. Check the version number and you'll see.

@Rouben Rostamian  

Thanks, that is the first thing I did ofcourse. But I am looking for what is new in 2017.1 and not 2017?

This is a minor release. Is one supposed to open each command to see what is new? Not practical. I am was looking for some list saying what have changed/added to 2017.1.



thanks for trying. I do get the error each time, I rebooted my PC and confirm the error is there, I updated my post with screen shots.

@Carl Love 

thanks. that worked. But I wish help put the dependent variable there as well, as I was just following the help example, in this PDF file


which had (page 15 for example)


and not


And I had not noticed u(x,t) was missing, since it worked on the other examples and was not needed.

I think help should be corrected to add u(x,t) in there, just in case it is needed as in this case.


thanks for the link to the PDE examples PDF file. More examples always help. But on page 15, I see this example

When I try it on Maple 2017 on windows 7, I do not get the exact same result. I get an extra _Z1 before the sin(). Here is the screen shot


Here is the code also in plain text


pdsolve([pde,bc]) assuming 0<L;

WHat happend to the extra _Z1 in the example shown in the PDF?

Also, Maple still can't solve heat pde as the above, when one or more of the boundary conditions is not homogeneous. For example, with


But there is standard method to solve this by hand.  Can one expect Maple 2018 to be able to solve nonhomogeneous heat PDE?


thanks, I did not know about maplemint(). But it does not work for the proc() I have tried it on now, i get error

Error, (in maplemint/statement) exception handling is not yet supported

This seems becuase becuase I have try catch in my proc(). I've commented out the try/catch, but now I get new error

Error, (in maplemint/expression) not implemented READ

It looks maplemint() still needs more work to make it more practical to use But it still seems a like a good tool when it works.


I think the error you got because you added ";"

for i from 1 to n do  ;

Make sure to copy and paste code shown here as is, without adding anything to it, and then see if that works. It works for me on Maple 2016.2

WHat have you tried? This is not free coding service here where you post your HW and ask someone just to do it for you. You need to show what you tried and where you are stuck.


@Preben Alsholm 

But this is a sturm-Liouville ODE. There are infinite number of eigenvalues, increasing and discrete in values. Numerical solution  showed only one eigenvalue. So a numerical solution will not show the same information as an analytical solution would.  But thanks for sharing this. It useful to know maple numerical solver does this.


"not sure how you are going to deal with this :-( "

Humm,. I never said the data in the file is meant to be Maple expeessions? I simply wanted to use Maple to read the file, so I can make some changes to the data, and then save it back. These are Latex strings. For other purposes, not to be used in Maple. 

@acer Thank you! That is what I was looking for. I simply did not know or hit ImportMatrix when I was searching.


how to put that gray box around the code in your post? I looked at all options and can't seem to see one for source code? Is it in the style or font pull down menu or somewhere else? thanks.


nice! I shortened your code a little bit by make your cylinder a proc()

with(plots):  with(plottools):
sph := sphere([0, 0, 0], 10,   color=gold, transparency=0.4):
cyl:=s->display([seq(cylinder([0,0,0], h, s*sqrt(100-h^2), color=red, strips=50),h=0..10, 0.2)], insequence):
display([sph, cyl(1), cyl(-1)],style=surface,lightmodel=light1,axes=none);


sorry if my question was not clear. I was learning calling maple function, and found these 4 ways, and I was just wondering if there are variations. I mean in terms of using '' and ` ` that is all.


Thank you Bryon. I verified all the data is back online now. I do not what happened either. I remember was making a reply to someone, then mapleprime seems to hang for few seconds too longer than normal, at the point it verifies the name one has to enter before clicking submit. Then I noticed all the data gone there for my account after that point.

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