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I use Maple worksheet mode (not document mode). When I have a long line of code, or when I display some Maple source code, and if the line do not fit the current window size, the line will wrap to the next line, and make it hard to read the code.

Is there a way to configure the setting do that Maple keeps long line on same line and then I can use the horizontal scroll bar if I want to see the full line. This way the code is easier to read for me.

I looked at OPTIONS->DISPLAY and no see no such option. I also looked at few other options.

Here is a screen shot of what  I mean. Line 165 is too long and it wraps for example

Any one know if it possible to see the steps used by the limit() function as one does with many other functions such as dsolve and int ?  This is what I tried

limit(x^2 *log(x),x=0);

But I see no steps, only the final answer. Are not all Maple functions possible to trace? How does one know which functions can generate trace and which do not?

I am using Maple 2016.1

I wanted to see something like:

let x=1/t, hence expression becomes  (-ln t)/t^2, now taking limit as t->infinity. Applying L'Hopital rule, limit t->infinity of -1/(2 t^2) which gives zero.

I assumed this is something what Maple does internally, (but there are other ways also) and wanted to see what Maple does.


I have never seen DEtools:-odeadvisor hang before. I've seen dsolve itself hang many times, but not odeadvisor. Is this a bug? Maple 2016.1 on windows.

eq:=(2*y(x)*diff(diff(y(x),x),x)-diff(y(x),x)^2)^3+32*diff(diff(y(x),x),x)*(x*diff(diff(y(x),x),x)-diff(y(x),x))^3 = 0;

Now it hangs. Waited for more than one hr. This is an ODE from a book. Do others see the hang as well?


When I click on http://www.mapleprimes.com/   I get this message 


And this has been the case for few days now. But only now I can see I can access the site if I know the internal sub link to it.  

So why is the main page down for so long?

The ODE diff(y(x),x) = sec(x)^2*sec(y(x))^3  can be solved as separable. So the answer should be 


as can be seen by direct integration of each side of the differential equation. I am trying to make Maple give the same answer, but not having any luck. 

ode:=diff(y(x),x) = sec(x)^2*sec(y(x))^3;
sol:=dsolve(ode, y(x),implicit);

I tried simplify(sol,trig) and tried simplify(sol,size).  Both Maple answer, and the simple answer solve the ODE.

Is there a way to make Maple dsolve give the simpler answer, or simplify/convert the answer it gives to the simpler one? I am newbie in Maple.

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