Today I’m here with a document walkthrough under the subject of graph theory! Do you know what an Eulerian path is? Have you ever tried to find one?

An Eulerian path is a path that uses every edge in the graph exactly once. Vertices can be revisited, just not the edges. There are mathematical ways to find an Eulerian path, but at the level of math I’m at, I just use my eyes!


In the document Eulerian Paths Quiz, we focus on trying to find an Eulerian path. This document, created using Maple scripting, uses the click on plot feature, allowing you to click on the edges and check your answer. When an edge is clicked, it turns red, and feedback is given.

If you make a mistake, there are a few options. If the most recent edge chosen is the mistake, you can simply click on it again to undo the selection. However, if the mistake is several edges back, or you need to undo the whole thing, you can click the blue reset button.


Once you’ve done one, you might want to try another graph. That’s why we have a try another button, to give you another random new graph.

We hope you enjoy this document! If you’re curious about how this document was scripted, you can see our script HERE. Please let us know if there are any specific documents you’d like as a walkthrough in the comments below, and check out our other graph theory documents.

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