We have just released updates to Maple and MapleSim.

Maple 2023.2 includes a strikethrough character style, a new unit system, improved behavior when editing or deleting subscripts, improved find-and-replace, better mouse selection of piecewise functions and the contents of matrices, and moreWe recommend that all Maple 2023 users install this update.

This update also include a fix to the problem with setoptions3d, as first reported on MaplePrimes. Thanks, as always, for helping us make Maple better.

This update is available through Tools>Check for Updates in Maple, and is also available from the Maple 2023.2 download page, where you can find more details.

At the same time, we have also released an update to MapleSim, which contains a variety of improvements to MapleSim and its add-ons. You can find more information on the MapleSim 2023.2 download page.

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