The explosion of cloud this - cloud that, is rather obvious now.


SO, I decided to check-out the cloud feature to my Maple? One problem, I cannot see - what is in it?

  • Yes, I understand, you use the cloud palette in Maple.
  • It shows the group, who the document / notebook is from, what it's title is? And such.
  • _
  • BUT, is there a web page - listing? hidden somewhere, on MaplePrimes or someplace on Maplesoft's service? (the worksheets .mws files)

  • As this article explains - briefly; "Is Maplecloud taking away from Mapleprimes"
  • _
  • It only works inside Maple, I guess?
  • Somehow, that seems ridiculous, if we are really talking World Wide Web, strangers across the World, exchanging (as I do, for the moment, let's say Hobbyist Ideas), who don't know - each other.
  • Con: Whereas, in a Classroom or people fully aware of each other, then - just inside Maple is probably good enough.


Tags: sharing math collaboration document exchange

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