Some errors in MapleSim Tutorials! While I was working with MapleSim tutorials, I have encountered some problems that the results did not match the answer. I have uploaded the files, that I have worked on, in a zip file to this address ( The problems are as follows:

1. Based on video tutorial on this page ( I followed a simple task of importing a cad file to the project. However, when running simulation I got an error saying "Internal error occurred during simulation". I think MapleSim cannot solve static problem, so it gives this error. (File name: Custom_3D_Visualizations_with_CAD.msim)

2. I followed "Tutorial 2: Modeling a Cable Tension Controller". In the last part of tutorial it is declared to use "Fixed" for the "solver type" and "Implicit Euler" for the "Solver". Once I implemented the settings I got different results, then I used "Variable" solver type with "RKF45 (non-stiff)" solver and I got the same answer which is shown in the tutorial. In addition, for the Translational Spring component, in the c field, change the spring constant value to (2110*109), it has been said (210*109). (File name: Cable_Tension.msim)

I would become pleased if I find someone to consult these problems with.


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