When re-initializing a module (for example, while executing its ModuleApply), you'd likely want to re-initialize all of the remember tables and caches of its procedures. Unfortunately, forget(thismodule) (a direct self reference) doesn't work (I wonder why not?), and it doesn't even tell you that it didn't work. You could do forget(external name of module(an indirect self reference), but I consider that not robust because you'd need to change it if you change the external name. Even less robust is forget~([procedure 1, procedure 2, submodule 3, ...]). Here's something that works and is robust:

forget~([seq(x, x= thismodule)])[]

Or, using Maple 2019 or later syntax,

forget~([for local x in thismodule do x od])[]

Both of these handle submodules and ignore non-procedures. Both handle both locals and exports.

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