This post concerns the simulation of a physical system whose behavior is governed by ODEs.
It is likely that some people will think that all which follows is nothing but embellishments  or a waste of time.
And in some sense they will be right.
I was thinking the same until I received some sharp remarks at the occasion of a few presentations of my works. 
So experience has proven me that doing a presentation in front of project managers with only 2D curves often leads to smiles, not to speak about those who raise their eyes to heaven in front of the poverty of the slides. 
Tired of this attitude, I decided to replace these 2D curves with a short film, which of course does not reveal more than what these 2D curves were already revealing, but which is pretty enough for the financing keeps going on.

For those of you who might regret this situation, just consider this work as a demonstration of the capabilities of Maple in 3D rendering.

PS: all the display outputs have been removed to avoid loading an unnecessary huge file.
      The two last commands must be uncommented to play the animation.


Download ODE_Movie.mw


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