It has been a while since my last post.  I'm sorry about that, but I have been busy trying to the fix bugs reported as part of the Maple Beta program.  I'm also running low of good parallel programming topics.  So, as always, if you have topics you'd like to hear about (or hear more about) feel free to ask.

Today I am going to post a brief note about a blog that I find quite interesting.

Cliff Click Jr's Blog:

Azul Systems sells hugely parallel machines (like 800 processors) with a custom JVM that is highly tuned for parallel processing.  Click discusses the issues and solutions that arise when trying to make this happen.  Their JVM is years ahead of where Maple is today, but it is where we'd like Maple to be in the future.  Thus many of the issues he is running into today are issues Maple will probably run into in the future.

He does not post that often, but when he does it is usually good stuff.


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