pagan 5117 Maple

In the command-line or Classic worksheet interfaces of Maple, after entering


only the help page for Statistics[PointPlot] is shown.

This is strange, since plots[pointplot] gives an exact match for the lower case name entered while Statistics[PointPlot] does not. In Maple 10.06, that same help query showed the plots[pointplot] page.

In the Standard worksheet interface that same command brings up the Statistics[PointPlot] page. But a few other matches are also shown, in the help browser's left pane. The help for pointplot,plots is listed there, for example.

Why don't the command-line and Classic interfaces behave the same way for ?pointplot as they do for ?Add , and display the set of multiple matches?

What's wrong in the the help system, that plots[pointplot] doesn't get shown after entering ?pointplot in those two Maple interfaces?

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