In the admirable quest to make Maple better and stronger, and since so few people responded to the Suggestion to add a searchable bug database here on mapleprimes, here's another tack.

What are the fewest keystrokes that can make the TTY commandline interface of Maple 10.06 or 11 crash?

By crash I mean something like bus-error or segmentation-fault, stack-limit-exceeded, or lost-kernel-connection. I don't mean a runaway computation that simply consumes all memory or uses CPU cycles ad infinitum.

The semicolon should count, as a problem might be due to output travelling from mserver to cmaple, or might be due to a `print/XXX` extension.

The readline features of the TTY interface seem pretty solid, so perhaps the <return> would usually be required. But let's count <return/enter> all the same.

Changing topic slightly, do many other people use the vi keybindings to edit commandline Maple in the TTY interface?


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