I would like to pay attention of the Maple Primes Users to a Sergey Moiseev application. This is a Maple package on orthogonal expansions, which can be implemented in Maple as a usual package with a usual help. It  has Community Rating 4 stars. This package can be downloaded from http://www.maplesoft.com/applications/view.aspx?SID=33406. Here is the list of its commands: with(OrthogonalExpansions);

   [BesselSeries, ChebyshevTSeries, ChebyshevUSeries, FourierSeries,

     GegenbauerSeries, GramSchmidtL2, Haar, HaarSeries, HarmonicWavelet,

     HarmonicWaveletSeries, HermiteSeries, JacobiSeries, LaguerreSeries,

     LegendreSeries, MixedSeries, Rational, RationalSeries, RectSeries,

     SincSeries, SincWavelet, SincWaveletSeries, SphericalSeries, Walsh,

     WalshSeries, Zernike, ZernikeSe]

It should be noted that the OrthogonalExpansions package includes the commands for Fourier multiseries and wavelets.

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