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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.

Down votes seem to disappear and "Add to my favorites" is showing instead.

The ongoing spam problem has made this site unusable. Even after spam is removed, it's effect on the "recent" pages persists. This is a months-old problem.

And after over a year the site still has no good support for displaying mathematics, or for entering 2D Maple input.

And there is no indication of any clear and concrete plan to properly address either of these problems, despite repeated requests and inquiries by members.

Most of the time I don't know what or why things are happening here on the mapleprimes site. 

I don't want it as a post or question as it gets shuffled down and is useless later on anyway. 

I would like a news section to inform me and everyone else of what is currently being worked on (ie the site programmers are currently working on ....  currently tags for posts are being updated), what is currently happening (spam attack - although this seems to be on the upswing lately...

Comments to the answers are not counted as replies in the list of recent posts, and adding a comment to an answer doesn't move the question up. 

Only answers and comments to the question are counted and adding them leads to moving the question up.

Why is it possible for to continue posting spam ? It is incredibly irritating for me, and I presume it must be for other bona fide users. Why can't the account be disabled, made inactive, or whatever is necessary to stop this ridiculous activity ?

At one point mapleprimes was fun and enjoyable ... until you get thumbed down with no explanation, it's really a kick in the teeth to see such things.  Because I see the thumbs down is still operational as it was to be removed.

This forum is not about some power trip and getting points thumbing people down or up and destroying the order of posts.  This is about sharing information and helping people get answers, if the answer is not good then let...

On the topic of the quality of rendering of (2D) Math on websites, could that also be re-examined for both Mapleprimes and Maplesoft's on-line help system?

Right now the on-line help has pages with missing images in Examples. For example, the `int` and `sum` on-line help pages, here and here.

On that

   The recent flow of spam into MaplePrimes gave an opportunity to recall some pages fallen out of our memory: interesting questions, deep answers, and rich in content posts. It suggested me the following idea which I would like to discuss with the  MP members. Maybe, it would be reasonable to create a new heading "The best of MaplePrimes" in MaplePrimes. For example, every month experts choose a few candidates to be included in "The best of MP". Then the...

I will never understand, why spam postings are deleted - but the user is not locked or trashed.

Today again the same is flooding again.

I recently upgraded to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 x64. I was unable to get the "Insert Link" or "Insert Content" buttons of the "File Uploader" to work. I found that enabling "Compatibility View" seems to resolve the problems with those buttons in the "File Uploader."

Unfortunately, even with "Compatibility View" enabled I seem to be unable to comment on posts. When I hit the Submit button I am taken to the post view however my Comment does not appear.

We are currently working on a set of updates to MaplePrimes, which you can expect to see rolled out sometime during the first quarter of this year.  Most of the changes have been taken directly from your comments and feedback about MaplePrimes, so thank you very much!

Some of the changes you can expect to see include:

  • Down-voting will be removed entirely.  Up-voting will continue to work as it does now.
  • An advanced search feature will...

I just got a smartphone, amazing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a mapleprimes app to conveniently view and post messages from a smartphone or a smartpad or whatever? Any plans to set one up? (I'm on the android platform)

The other suggestion/question I have is: any plans (by Maple or others) to make a Maple calculator widget? I'm currently using RealCalc, which is great, but it  doesn't have the advanced term-grouping capabilities of the Maple calculator.

I notice that a Seach on this site for the word "cipher" fails to show this result as a hit. Why is that?

It is by no means the first time that a keyword Search on Mapleprimes has failed to return a hit for an old comment/post/answer of mine. I'd really like to know why there are so many such misses.

The upload utility does not allow extension .mpl, which is ubiquitous for Maple script files.  I could change the extension to .txt, but that is annoying (I never name Maple script files .txt).  As a workaround I can and do zip the file.

I am returning to Maple after a bit of a dry spell (I'll post about that in another posting) and see that each posting summary seems to be more about avatars and big thumbs than about content. I don't actually care about thumbs up or down; it's content that I want to know about. If 10 people think the post is not helpful, and I think that it is helpful, that's what counts. And it seems to me that the posts might be ordered by thumbs, and I'd like to see date order. Maybe I...

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