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Some images have reverted to some sort of equation form layout.  As an example look here

What has happened?

This post had a centered H2 header that appeared fine in the wysiwyg post editor during composition but is absent in the Preview or actual Post (in my firefox 3.6.6).

It appeared in the source view, during composition in the editor, like this,

<h2 style="text-align: center;">This my header.</h2>

I tried it also in an earlier submission, with the same result. When I attempt to re-edit that comment, the header was then missing in the source view as well as the posted view.

Could it be, that the submission step causes some html content to vanish?

I enter through, but what I see is not true:
is shown as having 1 reply, while it has 4 replies.

And if I do not see anything new on topics which I 'follow' then I just leave the site.

If you search for a phrase which matches (fully or partially) the title of a post A, then the search results will contain every other post which the search engine recorded while post A was listed in the right panel.

In other words, the search engine recorder is picking up  the right panel (latest titles, per forum) displayed while viewing other unrelated pages. So lots of other pages get inappropriately connected to all the keywords or phrases in those latest titles.

The final SCR dropdown menu, showing the choice of versioned products against which the Softwware Change Request is submitted, doesn't yet (06/29/2010) include Maple 14.

The Popular Post and Popular Question badges require 1000 different people to view the Post or Question. A number of Posts and Questions show that they have over 1000 views, but their creators haven't received the badge. This is because the count currently displayed includes all views of the page, including repeats from the same Member or IP address.

I just published an update that now allows you to hover over the view counter and have the number of unique viewers appear in a tooltip. This should be useful for people curious to see how close they are to earning those two badges.

I was able to find over 1000 files that were missing from the new MaplePrimes. I did some spot checking and it appears that the vast majority of files are now intact. 

I did see some posts where the files are still missing. If I come across a backup containing additional files, I will restore them as well and post about the recovery here.

Yesterday I have came across with this thread, while browsing the list of "Unanswered Questions". As it started quite recently (May 11) I did remember that I have posted some answers there. So I inspected it and found the already classical problem that all the answers were not taken into account just because they were classified as "Comment". Once more, I note that answering in Primes 1...

It looks like the "Popular Tags" section of the right pane is not being updated. It appears to have stayed the same for a long while, even though lots of tags not mentioned in that subset have been getting a lot of activity.

Due to Joe Riel pointing out comments missing from that thread, I looked into the MaplePrimes migration process and discovered comments that were missed during the migration process.

I am currently running a process to import additional comments and answers. This means that the recent page will be filled with older posts as comments are being imported. The process should complete in several hours, after which the page will return to its normal behavior.

I propose a huge mapleprimes suggestion.  What would happen if you re-opened the old mapleprimes site?

I propose you run both mapleprimes old and mapleprimes new at the same time for a few of months and see which site becomes more active.  Users will gravitate towards the one that is better layed out, easier to navigate, and seems to work better.  Mapleprimes can track which site becomes more active.  Currently the data of comparing...

I have just seen this old thread in the "Recent" list, and, as I remember it well and because of curiosity, I have looked at it again. By browsing it, I have noted that as it stands right now, it makes little sense. As I keep a local Primes 1 backup, I have compared both and got a new unpleasant surprise to be added to the list brought by Primes 2: many posts (ten or more) in this thread, by Jacques, Joe, mine, etc, are missing, and the order of some remaining posts is altered. 

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all have buttons/badges to allow users to promote their profiles/pages on their own external websites.  Does MaplePrimes have anything similar?  MaplePrimes members would love it, and it would it be a great way to raise the visibility of MaplePrimes on the vast web landscape. For comparison, here are the pages where Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook supply their buttons/badges:!/pages/manage/promo_guidelines.php

I have just published a new update to MaplePrimes. This fixes a number of issues and ads a couple of new features.

  • Autocompletion of tags now works. When you are typing a tag in, a list of possible completions appears, you can click or arrow down to select one of these tags.
  • We have added a new Products list. This shows all Maplesoft products that have Posts or Questions associated with them. This link has been added to the top bar, the Tags link has been moved to the "More" drop down. 
  • The ordering on the Recent pages has been fixed to sort by last action date descending.
  • You can now view tags such as 2Dmath
  • Paging has been fixed for many sections of the site including the tag details page
  • If you choose to upload files when editing an item, the new file will now work correctly.
  • If you choose to convert your Comment into an Answer, you now have the ability to choose the correct parent for that comment.
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