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I would like the Maple kernel to free sufficiently large (128 MB?) blocks of memory on garbage collect, not just on kernel restart. Sometimes I need to work with large objects temporarily, and then the overall performance of my machine suffers afterwards because of Maple's increased memory usage. I continue working afterwards, so I don't want to restart the kernel to free memory and eliminate swapping.
I'm currently working with a lot of large matrices in Maple (5000x5000), and I would really like a way to resize the Matrix Browser window, possibly filling the entire screen. I understand that this is probably one of those really irritating things that is difficult to add after the fact, but it would be extremely useful to me.
It would be convenient if the subscripted version of type/integer could handle infinity and -infinity. Then, to specify an integer greater than, say, 1, we could do type(i, integer[2..infinity]). Currently I handle this as type(i, And(integer,Range(1,infinity))) which is not as nice, particularly because it isn't clear that 1 is excluded. The drawback of doing this is that it implies that infinity is allowed. However, because infinity is not an integer, it seems reasonable that it would return fals
Just yesterday this came up in a newsgroup. For me the default size 100% seems too small, but the 150% is overkill. Having a 120% as a standard choice would be useful.
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