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Can anyone tell me why the following command

restart; with(plots): with(Statistics):  with(numapprox):

 create an error of this type?

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse : "cannot determine if this expression is true or false: membertype(specfunc(Typesetting:-mspace),Typesetting:-mempty(Typesetting:-mspace(depth = "0.0ex",height = "0.0ex",width = "0.0em",linebreak = "newline")))"

Hello everyone!

Please help me to resolve following error appeared in PDEs.

I have following system of partial differential equation and tried to solve with numerical method

pde1:=diff(U, t)-(diff(U, x, x))-2*U*(diff(U, x))+diff(U*V, x)

> pde2 := diff(V, t)-(diff(V, x, x))-2*V*(diff(V, x))+diff(U*V, x);
> ics := { U(x, 0) = sin(x),  V(x, 0) = sin(x)};

sol:=pdsolve(pde1,pde2,ics,numeric,time=t, range=1..20)

I am get following error

Error, (in pdsolve) invalid input: `pdsolve/numeric` expects its 2nd argument, IBCs, to be of type {set, list}, but received 0

I was calculating the total derivative of a function but maple does not respond to the commands like alias,diff,totaldiff etc.

please see the attached pdf.multiplier.pdfmultiplier.pdf

equ.pdf The equation is in the following form:


How can i print maple file? when ever i press ctrl+ p it never responce any thing can we print maple file directly? if yes then please how?

We conjecture that the polynomial h(n) = n^2 + n + 41 is prime for an infinite number of values n.
We furthur conjecture that p(n) = n^2 + 1 is prime an infinite number of times.

I have shown that the set (x,y) with h(y) mod x is congruent to 0 can be written down.  It is p(x,y).  p(x,y) is the set of all divisors of h(n).  See




I have a list of displayed sequences  

S[j]:=display(seq(R1[i],i=,seq(R[i],i=, scaling = constrained, axes = none);

that can be animated easily in a worksheet using the following command 

display(seq(S[n]$5, n=1..10), insequence=true);

but when I try to embed that in a maplet, it doesnt work. The problem is with insequence. I removed insequence and the maplet showed S[10]. What else can I use?  

What can I do to have the maplet show the sequence of displays? Is there a way to use the animate command here?

Thanks for the help. 


Imagine three isosceles triangles with coordinates of each stored in a matrix such as:

> coord1:=Matrix(3,2,[0,0,5,0,2.5,4]);

> coord2:=Matrix(3,2,[2,0,7,0,4.5,4]);

> coord3:=Matrix(3,2,[4,0,9,0,6.5,4]);

and plotted together as follows (only the first is shown)

> PLOT(CURVES([[0,0],[5,0],[2.5,4],[0,0]]),COLOR(HUE,1));

I want to create an animation with stationary (original) isosceles triangles in the background along with new isosceles triangles generated by incrementally (say 4 increments) moving only the apex of each triangle until it touches the base of the triangle; obtained by multiplying the apex’s vertical coordinate by (say ¼) in each increment using a do loop. 

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



  how can I find equation discribing elliptic intersections and use lagrange to show the higest and lowest value ?    g 

I would like to check if op(n,g) exists for a given function g and a positive integer n.
How do I do it?
Naturally, I don't have the function g. It is theoretically created.
Thank you!




Is there a way to remove the parentheses around y'(t)?

Thank you!



Assume that f:=(s+2)^2*(s-3). How do we get the order of the two factors reversed?
In other words, how do we get g:=(s-3)*(s+2)^2 by manipulating f? As usually,
I don't have f fixed. It is a product of two algebraic factors generated within the Maple program.
Thank you!


I occasionally need single left quotes placed around the value of number.
Let's say x=3. Is there a command on x that will make x=`3`?
Thank you!


Why is this happening?

Thank you!

I have this situation:

We have sol[1] = "A=1", etc. How do I pick up just the solution values 1, 2 and 3 from sol? This is a generated system in a larger program, so I don't have access to the individual numbers coming out of a single step.

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