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So currently i am trying to programm a game. for that i would need a Textbox that is updating once the player makes an input. I have a textbox TB1 and a button with the action linked. the action that the button should make is calling an external procedure which in turn updates the textbox. But i currently i keep getting the following error expresion:

Error, (in Maplets:-Tools:-Set) invalid argument(s): [TB1]::string = [7, 8, 9]

So what die i do wrong.



i want to adding new maple package file extension with .lib  .ind  .eps.

i didnt find where to copy this.

I've a problem with the buttons. It's not a problem to make a line break, but if I reload or change the text into my button (while the program ist running) maple/maplets ignores all line breaks.

Here is an small example (maybe not the best):

with(Maplets[Elements]): ToGreen := proc()
Maplets:-Tools:-Set(B(caption) = "blue\nhallo");
end proc:

maplet := Maplet([   

I’ve created a basic model of a two-lane road.

Based on the title, once again I'll mention that the programm that I have been made by using

Maple14 could not run faster.

The function of Maple should be running effectively compared to others.

Hereby, I'll attach the programm for your further action.

That's all, thank you.

Hi everyone,
While I am getting more and more comfortable with the document mode, I have some questions regarding the document block feature:
- What is a document block good for anyway?
- Why not have the whole document in one block?
- Can one join two document blocks?
- when do I "remove the document block"
- How can I make sure that say an informational 2-D math expression inside a document block never gets executed?
-- Can I still...


I am really stuck in one more bit thats the least square problem. 

Hope someone can help me to solve this bit and get me out of this problem :(.

Least square method is successfuly implemented in MATLAB code (WRITTEN IN THIS MESSAGE AT THE END), but I couldn't do it in Maple.  I am having problem in the for loop section,  I am attaching Matlab code and  maple code ...

Dear All,


Thanks for the previous support and help.


I am trying to solve a poisson equation, but I am getting Bessel function in the solution. Derivation of this equation with respect to 'r' gives more complex form of Bessel function.

Actually I am not sure should I continue with the problem and Maple will take care of everything or I have to modify in the solution.  

Equation 9 and Equation 11 needs to...

Dear All,


I have 12 equations with 12 unknowns.  I trying to solve using the following:




but my problem is MAPLE doesn't solve for C10, C11, C12.    

Is there any format for writng s10,s11,s12  and c10,c11,c12.


Your help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I tried to solve a non linear coupled boundary value problem in MAPLE using DSolve command. The code is :

alias(eta = e, theta = t)

Eq[1] := 5*(diff(F(e), `$`(e, 3)))+(m+3)*F(e)*(diff(F(e), `$`(e, 2)))-(2*m+1)*(diff(F(e), e))^2-(4*m+2)*H(e)-(m-2)*e*(diff(H(e), e)) = 0

Eq[2] := diff(H(e), e) = t(e)

Eq[3] := 5*(diff(t(e), `$`(e, 2)))/Pr-(m+3)*F(e)*(diff(t(e), e))-5*m*(diff(F(e), e))*t(e) = 0

BCs := [F(0), (D(F))(0), (D(F))(infinity), t(0)-1, t(infinity), H(infinity)]

Hi and thank you for looking.

I have recently begun advanced maths and need help with maple. Is it possible to input an algebra equation and have maple rearrange it to make it a different subject?


I am new to maple and maths again so any help much appreciated. 


Also can maple for example if I input 6 equations could it or is there a way to get maple to pick two like equations out of them.


Thanks again, Danny 

I have used dsolve to obtain the solution of the inserted two systems below. The obtained results for the first system is accurate, where the obtaind solution of the second one is not accurate. I think the problem is in approximating the first system solution to be used in the second one. I would appreciate any advice on how to  obtain accurate results for the second system

 restart; endv := 5; sys0 := diff(f(x), `$`(x, 2...

I used dsolve to obtain the solution of the attached two systems of ODEs, where the second system depends on the solution of the first one. The obtained results for the first system is accurate, where the obtaind solution of the second one is not accurate. I think the problem is using cubic spline approximation. I would appreciate any advice on how to  obtain accurate results for the second system

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